Biochar-enhanced concrete 3D printing

A biochar-enhanced 3D printable concrete mix is being developed to print architectural-scale items, including benches.

This blend combines the resource efficiency of advanced 3D printing technology with the carbon sequestration of biochar, reducing concrete’s carbon footprint.

Beyond sustainability, biochar can improve concrete’s durability, enhances its thermal insulation and makes it lighter due to its porous structure.

This project showcases the potential for 3D printing and construction to align with sustainable practices. It stands at the intersection of technology, design, and sustainability, illustrating their combined role in mitigating climate change impacts. 

The first proposed design is the Burren Bench. It will act as a carbon sink that will hold plant life and biochar enriched substrate. It’s design has been inspired by the renowned Burren landscape in the west of Ireland. It’s form echoes the characteristic limestone pavements of the Burren, which are crisscrossed by cracks known as “grikes,” with flat rocks called “clints” in between. These grikes host a remarkable range of plant life due to the Burren’s unique microclimate and the fertile soil captured within the grikes. Similarly, the clints and grikes of the Burren Bench will provide space for biochar enriched soil so that plant life can flourish.

3D printed bench