Make solidarity a reality

This exhibit is a communication tool of a neighbourhood empowerment project meant to mobilise the inhabitants of a socially-deprived neighbourhood.

The revival project includes the creation of a multiservice citizen centre called CAFÉ DU MONDE. The poster was created to inform the local population about the new community-run initiative and to invite them to participate in the activities hosted in the café. The key objective is to break the vicious circle of loneliness and to encourage solidarity and sharing.

At CAFÉ DU MONDE, people can come and meet their neighbours, discover each other and discuss about what matters to them. The project encourages the inhabitants to socialize, make new friends, support others through volunteering activities, be proactive and contribute to the positive dynamic initiated by CAFÉ DU MONDE.

The whole app has been designed to be usable both in formal education formats by educators, but also (and primarily) to be used by interested young people in their free time on their own. It includes various interactive and multimedia elements to be more engaging.