In the sport of disc golf, a flying disc must be thrown deftly and accurately until it lands inside a basket, with players traversing hills and obstacles to complete a series of “holes” in as few throws as possible. The sport is exceptionally accessible, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, wealth and social status. Anyone who can toss a frisbee and take a walk can begin playing and enjoying the sport immediately. This can be a preschooler or an 80-year-old great-grandparent, and both can play in the same group. A “round” of disc golf is a group hike through the local landscape, with dozens of throws performed along the way. Courses are typically located in public, mixed-use areas, with no course fees, open hours or social hurdles.  


The Discgolf Club Göttingen and our friends at blinc e.G. believe that the disc golf has fantastic potential as a tool for community building, inclusion and integration.  We are in the process of cooperatively designing projects related to these areas, including the project outlined in the fact sheet.

Disc Golf in Göttingen