Life is a beach!

Active citizenship workshops for sustainable environment

Motto: “There is no Planet B and we are all on the same boat”

As part of its training initiatives, INSUP involves young participants in awareness actions like beach cleaning. In addition to sea pollution, new hazards like forest fires have added up to the list of man-made affections to nature.

This exhibit was created from waste collected on the Atlantic coast only 60 kms away from Bordeaux and was created after a beach cleaning workshop conducted by a group of civic service volunteers.

Inteview with Naemi, creator of the sculpture

Transcript of Naemi’s interview: “After an awareness workshop with INSUP trainees on the damage caused to the environment by our waste, I decided to represent such damage to nature. The trainees collected waste on the beach and I created this turtle to remind everyone how important it is to think about the fauna and flora, our beaches and submarine life.

Turtles are one of the species most victims of sea pollution. This sculpture is made with waste, to show that when we throw away a can, a cigarette butt or other objects, all this waste ends up in the sea and affects other species…”