The THREE C Bench

Concrete is probably the most important building material used worldwide. The production of concrete, however, emits extremely high quantities of CO2. If we could substitute less than 10% of ingredients with biochar made from bio-waste we could create a CO2 neutral concrete.
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Within the THREE C project a prototype was developed to produce this CO2 neutral concrete for public water channel pipes. Some of the concrete parts or the channel were up-cycled to become the main structure of the THREE C Bench.

The Bench consists of the concrete bowl (filled with a biochar plant substrate), a wooden seat and a scaffold for climbing plants

The THREE C Bench serves as public furniture – to:

  • enrich public & private places
  • demonstrate applied sustainable development in the building industry
  • support public private community partnership projects
  • provide opportunities for urban gardening and animal aided design
The THREE C Bench Talk