Tiny House

How to reach local projects, citizens and communities to produce, use and apply products and approaches based on circular carbon made from residual biomass? Within THREE C a mobile demonstrator was build within a sustainable “Tiny House” which hosts applications and technologies to show and experiment all process steps in a modular way.

It will demonstrate our start into a circular carbon economy in an applied citizen-science approach in combination with a mobile exhibition of a growing pool of circular carbon products.
THREE C stands for “Creating and sustaining Charcoal value chains to promote a Circular Carbon economy in NWE Europe”.
It aims at converting residual biomass in biogen carbon products, mainly based on biochar. We strongly believe that the conversion into biochar is one of the best solutions for carbon capturing and sequestration, thus to create CO2 reduction and even CO2 negative products, for instance for agriculture, gardening, environmental technique (filters) and building.

A cascade of process steps is necessary to achieve this:

  • starting from cutting, harvesting and collection of suitable biomass,
  • storing and conservation,
  • pre-processing and processing
  • Conversion into thermal energy, gas or biochar feedstock
  • Further processing, development and design of circular carbon products
  • Utilisation and application of these products
Smart Use of Biomass